Ruby’s Adoption Is Official!!! 

Today (September 14th) Ruby’s adoption became official!  She went on a vary rare Foster2Adopt program, the likes of which was unheard of at west-side Louisa’s New Leash On Life.  I knew she would be ok with the family as she didn’t shut down, she actually laid on them when she met them lol!

Congratulations Ruby!  I’m glad you’re in a home with a family that will love you!  I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon so you can meet your Grandma’s doggies!

Gracie Finds A Forever Family!!!

While we love all the rescue dogs that come into our lives, Gracie finding a lifettime foster meant a great deal to us.  She was in boarding for over two years and found a temporary foster who unfortunately had to move to Minnesota, she was devastated when her foster left, it took weeks for her to become happy again and then the best thing in the world happened!! A wonderful couple happened to see her posting and she reminded them of their dog that recently passed away.  The meet almost didn’t happen but luckily they took a chance on meeting Gracie and they all fell in love with each other!

So very happy for you Gracie!

Louisa’s New Leash On Life along with our sister rescue Animal Network have a ton of dogs that need lifetime fosters who are just like Gracie and some have been in boarding longer than Gracie has!

All their food/treats and medical is covered throughout their life.

Please contact us to meet these amazing dogs!

Roe Adopted!!!!

Well that didn’t take long did it?  Poor Roe had been stuck at the vet office, she lost a ton of weight.   Found out prior she was at Doggie District in boarding as well for quite a while. Well no more!!!    She now has a family of her own!

Congrats Roe!  Thanks for being so awesome!

Mork Adopted!!!

Mork is literally adopted the day after Dork which is awesome!!  Tim also came from Goldfield which is about three hours away!  

Mork is an awesome Beagle full of energy!  Though he was adopted Friday, he won’t be going home until Saturday (the day this post goes up!). 

Good luck on your new life buddy!!!