Roe Adopted!!!!

Well that didn’t take long did it?  Poor Roe had been stuck at the vet office, she lost a ton of weight.   Found out prior she was at Doggie District in boarding as well for quite a while. Well no more!!!    She now has a family of her own!

Congrats Roe!  Thanks for being so awesome!

Thanks Project Blue Collar & Pet Wants Henderson!!

Thanks Pet Wants Henderson and Project Blue Collar for the donation of collars and leashes for our rescue pups!

Patches (shown in photos) who is one of our senior rescue dog and is looking for a permanent foster is sporting the leash/collar combo and he looks marvelous!   Want to get your own leash/collar for your rescue buddy?  Pet Wants Henderson is opening up June 26th and will have them in stock!  Show your pride that you have a rescue dog!  All Project Blue Collar items purchased at Pet Wants Henderson help shelter/rescue dogs!

Pet Wants Henderson is located @ 10740 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 115, Henderson, Nevada. 89052.

You’ll probably see Leo there too, who was adopted from Louisa’s New Leash On Life!

Donate While You Shop on

Want to help out but want a simple way to donate.  If you regularly shop on, all you need to do is go to and select Louisa’s New Leash On Life as the charity of your choice and will donate a portion of your purchase total to our rescue!   You can continually have a portion of purchase price donated to our rescue by continuing to make your purchases at  Pricing is exactly the same.  All it took was five extra letters and a period!   How great is that?


Dwight Schrute Adopted!!!

Kelly and her mom (she’s the one sleeping while standing up) came by after adoptions to adopt Dwight Schrute who I got very very attached to. This boy came to us very weary of everyone (he bit me daily for a week lol) and hated every person and dog!  We all slowly gained his trust and as he met more and more people, he became more and more trusting.  He is now so much more trusting and I am so glad he has a permanent home!  Good luck little buddy, we love you!!

Willy Adopted Again!!!!

Willy was actually adopted again a few weeks before Alliyah.  His return to our rescue was strange.  The people who adopted him called one evening to let me know he had gotten loose.  They screwed up this story and the wife told me they had given him to someone else the day after they adopted him.  I don’t care if it’s your mom who you gave it to, thoey are not who I interviewed and adopted out the dog to.  And it was clearly stated several times, the dog comes back to us if whoever adopts a dog can no longer keep them.

in the end it turned out great, we got Willy back and he got adopted by Lynn who is super awesome!



How can you help Louisa’s New Leash On Life?

Well here’s your answer dog parent!

Download the Wag! app on your phone,
Sign up
Click the Wag! logo in the top left of the home screen and select “Payment” from the drop down menu. There you will see a box to enter your code: Michael3950
If you’d like me personally to walk your dog (I’d love to!), call me @ 702.406.9550 to confirm the date and time I am free. Your dog will get their first walk from Wag! for free!!! Most walkers walk your dogs for 30 minutes but when you get your first free 30 minute walk from me, your dog will walk 40-45 minutes. That’s their first walk and all other walks after, but you have to select me as your preferred walker! If you select someone else, you’re dog will only get a 30-31 min walk (boo!)
Once we’ve confirmed with each other a date/time, call (323) 238-8002 and let Wag know the day/time and that you want Michael Perez to walk your dog(s).
Proceeds from you signing up using our code and selecting me as your walker help our rescue pay our vet bill! Good karma and your pooch gets a great walk!

Any questions, feel free to call me @ 702.406.9550. Our rescue dogs and I thank you!!!!