Louisa passed away January 5th, 2016.  She was rescued from Lied (Animal Foundation) around 2007 by Nevada SPCA.  She stayed at Nevada SPCA for almost five years until a generous sponsor pulled her from the facility and placed her in boarding at Courtyard Animal Hospital. It was there where I met Louisa in May 2014 as I was volunteering for Animal Network, a wonderful animal rescue in Las Vegas (who I still volunteers for) .  Animal Network had dogs that needed to be walked and I needed the exercise so a win-win.  I didn’t know how much my life was going to change walking in the facility my first day.  Many of the dogs that are with me now or have stayed at my home before being adopted I met there.

Animal Network’s line-up of dogs needing to be walked at that time were Louisa, who was in the first kennel as you walked in through the door, then Harley, Pepper, Rocco, Rosie, Bubba, Teddy, Mickey, Blue and then finally Harper.

Louisa had major hip dysplasia issues, making it difficult for her to walk.  Sometimes she wouldn’t get up for days and I would walk in and she was sitting in her urine, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, the staff there cleaned her every chance they saw an occurrence, but there were times in between being cleaned that she would have an accident and they were busy taking care of other dogs.  I asked Annie Lamb (President of Animal Network) and Louisa’s sponsor if I could take her home so she would be in a home environment to enjoy the rest of her life.  They agreed and that’s how I ended up with Louisa.

We thought she only had a few months left to live, but it’s she lived over a year and a half at my  home.  People who knew her prior to coming to my house always warned me about her being extremely violent/head-strong, the dog I took home was wonderful  and loving.  Thank you for coming into my life Louisa, I will always love you.