Mork Adopted!!!

Mork is literally adopted the day after Dork which is awesome!!  Tim also came from Goldfield which is about three hours away!  

Mork is an awesome Beagle full of energy!  Though he was adopted Friday, he won’t be going home until Saturday (the day this post goes up!). 

Good luck on your new life buddy!!!

Thanks Joshua, Angel & Extremely Tall Gentleman For The Massive Donation

Thank you  Joshua, Angel & Brian for the massive donation for our rescue’s yard sale and  clothing donation drive!

If you would like to donate items (we take donations all  year long) for our yard sales or clothing drive (we accept donations of almost anything to sell at our physical and unlimited virtual yard sales) to help pay for medical/food/supplies for senior/special need/homeless dogs and also  continue our mission to help clothe and feed those less fortunate than us in the Las Vegas area, please contact us @ 702.406.9550 or email us @