Adopting/Fostering Guidelines


Louisa’s New Leash On Life Rescue’s Adoption/Foster Guidelines some may say is similar to adopting a child, that’s because every dog we rescue we want placed in a home where he/she will be cherished for the rest of their life and also receive appropriate care and nurturing the dog needs to thrive.

We screen applicants as follows:

  • APPLICATION: We have them fill out an  adoption application so we are able  to see if the dog they are interested in is compatible with your living quarters.
  • INTERVIEW: Potential adopters are interviewed (during the dog adoption event, or we schedule a telephone interview at a time convenient) to ask the potential adopter some questions to learn more about their reason for wanting a pet, what their experience is with a pet, if they travel a lot, if they’re traveling a lot, will the dog have someone stay or visit them, etc.
  • REFERENCE CHECKS: We do request at least two reference checks, two if you have a  vet and  a family member.  If you can not provide a vet reference, then we ask you for three reference checks.
  • HOME VISITS: We do quick tour of your home to make sure the home is safe and that the home is not cluttered where a dog can accidentally swallow something.  We also do a yard check (if there is a  yard) to make sure it is secure and the dog has no ability of escaping.  We are not doing home visits to judge you on your decor, we are simply there to make sure that  the animal will have a safe and wonderful home.
  • MEET AND GREET:  This is usually done the same day at the home visit if you are adopting/fostering a dog from us.  We bring the dog to your house to see  how they react to the environment.
  • ADOPTION CONTRACT:  We have every adopter fill out an adoption contract that states they must provide basic care for the animal that they are adopting , that they are adopting the animal for the rest of it’s life and  it will be returned only to us and never turned into another rescue group or any shelter if for some reason they no longer wish to have the animal as part of their  family.
  • ADOPTION FEE:  We do charge an adoption fee based on the dogs age, which is tax deductible and used to help more animals (including humans who we feed several times a week!)
  • FOLLOW UP: We (Mostly Michael) is notorious for over following up LOL!  We check on the dogs we adopt out and place in foster, sometimes on a bi-weekly basis.  People who have adopted dogs from us pretend they don’t mind, but they probably do, but we don’t care because we love the animals we rescue!  Eventually we back off, to maybe once a month 🙂