Charming Adopted!!!

What a great couple Charming ended with! They were the same height as me LOL!    No seriously, they were in love with Charming the moment they met him and he liked them  alot too! So good match!  Good luck big guy!      



How can you help Louisa’s New Leash On Life?

Well  here’s your answer dog  parent!

  1. Download the Wag! app on your phone,
  2. Sign up
  3. Click the Wag! logo in the top left of the home screen and select “Payment” from the drop down menu. There you will see a box to enter your code: Michael3950
  4. If  you’d like me personally to  walk  your  dog (I’d love to!), call me @ 702.406.9550 to confirm the date and time I am free. Your dog will get their first  walk from Wag! for free!!! Most walkers walk your dogs for 30 minutes but when you get your first free 30 minute walk from me, your dog will walk 40-45 minutes.  That’s their first walk and all other walks after, but you have to select me as your preferred walker! If  you select someone else, you’re dog  will  only get a  30-31 min walk (boo!)
  5. Once we’ve confirmed with each other a date/time, call (323) 238-8002 and let Wag know the day/time and that you  want Michael Perez to walk your dog(s).

Proceeds from you signing up  using our code and selecting me as  your walker help our rescue pay our vet bill!  Good karma and your  pooch gets a  great walk!

Any questions, feel free to call me @ 702.406.9550.  Our rescue dogs and I thank you!!!!


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