Bud Arrives From Ft Worth

Soooooo, I’m always preaching there are so many  dogs that need  rescuing here in Vegas, and once again I rescue a dog from another state LOL!  This time it’s Bud, who when I first saw him, reminded me of Abigail, a senior beagle I lost earlier this year.

Bud’s situation was urgent because he was a senior dog and  his owner had already planned on  possibly taking him to a kill shelter.  It’s amazing when a group of like minded individual work together, things can be accomplished rather quickly.   With the help of Carol (Bud’s human neighbor), Brenda and Roger (PetNet.Love), the wonderful volunteers at Kindred Hearts Transport Connection, we were able to save Bud and bring him to Vegas.

I cannot thank the people enough who made this  possible.  You all did a wonderful wonderful thing for Bud.


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