Duke Adopted!!!!!

…but would soon be returned.  New adopter did not understand why we wouldn’t remove our rescue from Duke’s microchip, she just wanted her info on it, though she agreed to it when she adopted Duke.  In the end, she accused us of stealing Duke from someone because we wouldn’t remove our name from the chip LOL.  Yes, we stole a dog, got it up to date on shots, did a fecal, had bloodwork  done on him and then also paid for a dental for him. Yes, we stole a dog, then spent over $400 on the dog, then adopted him out to her for $160.   Spent over $400 and adopted it out to this nut job for $160.  Sorry, I’m calling idiot (the one on the left with her eyes closed and wearing glasses) on this one!   Anyways, Duke’s story ends in a very good way, so stay tuned!

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