January 15, 2017 Adoptions @ K9’s & Kitty’s

Fabulous day at our  adoption event @ K9’s & Kitty’s!

Allison, a senior shepherd mix who was just recently surrendered by her family found a wonderful foster with Erin who’s daughter’s golf coach just happened to be “looking” for a dog as they recently said goodbye to their previous dog 🙁  They were uncertain at first, but after spending some time with Allie, they fell in love with her 🙂

Lilly Marie, a three year old Great Dane had several people/families interested in her but in the end it was a foster fail as Sara Lee (yes that Sara Lee) decided she liver her life without Lilly Marie.

Another foster fail (thank goodness!!) was Denzel.  Denzel had Terri at “Hello”.

Animal Help Alliance’s Rocco, a 11 month old mastiff/bully mix has another family interested in him. This little big guy is a bundle of fun.  Hopefully things work out for him either being  fostered or finding a home.

And last but not least, Animal Network’s Rocky is going to long term foster on Tuesday with the possible option of being adopted after two months.

Thanks Brooke, Pam, Nicole, Jared, Erin (and her family), and Melissa for helping out with adoptions today.


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