Darnell Adopted & Several Dogs Make Adoption Debuts!

Several people came to meet Darnell and Joanne was the perfect match for him.   He had  a little trouble saying goodbye as he had  become very attached to me but I called later in the day and he was already zipping in and out of Joanne’s home!

We actually had several dogs at adoptions today that in hindsight probably weren’t ready to be adoptions, a  little  more yappie than they should be and perhaps should be socialized more.

Sugar Bear was  expected to be adopted today but all the people that said they were showing didn’t, so he is still available.  Last but not least, a new volunteer named Kelsey showed up today.  She was awesome and we hope she  is able to continue volunteering.

Thanks Mary & Kathy for continuously volunteering for our rescue.   Thank you everyone @ The Wagging Tail for supporting our efforts to find these dogs homes!


Don’t forget, if you want a 2017 Save Around coupon book with over $5,000 worth of coupons, come by any of our adoption events and you can buy 1 or 100 of them.  Cost of a book  is $25.




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