Stevie Adopted!!!!

How Stevie ended up with her new mom Karly is kind of funny.  Stevie had about 7 people who said they really wanted to see  her.  I arrived @ The Wagging Tail around 11:20am – 40 minutes before the event, and  there was this woman walking around waiting for me LOL!  It was Karly.  I told her all these people were coming to see Stevie, had her fill out an  application and said I would be in touch with her the next day, but she  wanted to stay with Stevie.  She ended up staying until about 1:30pm, no one came to see Stevie, so I told  her she could adopt her and she is renaming her after a tree!  LOL!

Stevie will be going home to her new mom and new lab sister Monday evening!  Be a good girl Stevie, and I am sorry about your  new name!

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