Phoebe Cates Adopted!!

Even before i got Phoebe up on the adoption sites, Tee Carson had told Bob and Virginia about Phoebe and Lilly.  They were more set on only adopting one so they chose Phoebe.

Why I agreed to them is because 1st off they’re great people and fell in love with Phoebe instantly.   But just as important, Bob & Virginia also work with seniors (humans) and  I’m always looking  for more seniors for the senior dogs we pull!  We talked about it for a bit and I am hoping our relationship will bring new hospice fosters for some dogs that need to be  saved!

Thanks Tee  for introducing me to them.  Have a great life with your new mom and dad Phoebe!  Don’t worry about Lilly, she’s got a ton of people interested in  her too!

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