Anderson (Formerly Maze) Gets Adopted And Doesn’t Even Get To An Adoption Event!

Former client dog Cooper’s (he’s the thick dark chocolate dog) parents stopped by Dog Supplies Outlet in Summerlin this past weekend checking out dogs that could possibly be Cooper’s new buddy.   We scheduled a meet this week, and I brought Puffy, Raider and Maze!  Cooper hit it off with Maze and he got adopted!  What’s great about this adoption is I already knew these people, and their dog Cooper so I knew how well Maze would be taken care of.  Oh and Maze got a name change so here is Anderson with his new mom (Elaine), dad (Tom), big hooman brother (Edward) and Cooper!

Anderson Cooper, get it?!?  Bawhaahahhahahaha!!!  Happy life to you Anderson and be good to your family!!!



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